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Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP60000FS
WAB-6015.2 - 60000 BTU Floor Stand Air Conditionner 220V/60HZ Westpoint..
Ex Tax:$4,500.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP60000FC
WFM-6015.LV.2 - 60000 BTU Floor Ceiling Air Conditionner 220V/60HZ Westpoint..
Ex Tax:$3,500.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP18000INV
WIM-1818.L. - Air Conditionner Inverter Split 18,000 BTU 220 Volts WESTPOINT..
Ex Tax:$750.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP24000INV
WIM-2418.L.2 - Air Conditionner Split Inverter 24,000 BTU 220 Volts Westpoint..
Ex Tax:$875.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP36000INV
WIM-3617.LHE.2 - Split Air Conditionner Inverter 36,000 BTU 220 Volts Westpoint..
Ex Tax:$1,600.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP12500110S
WST-1219.L.2 - Air Conditionner Split 12000 BTU 110 Volts WESTPOINT..
Ex Tax:$500.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP24000220S
WST-2412.E.2 - Split Air Conditionner 24000 BTU 220V Westpoint..
Ex Tax:$800.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP9000110W
Ex Tax:$375.00
Brand: Westpoint Model: 03AMWP9000220S
WSZ-0918.2 - SPLIT 9000 BTU 220V WESTPOINT..
Ex Tax:$375.00
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